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Welcome to WeFly Virtual Airlines & Flying Community, We are a respectful community that likes aviation foremost. There's a few things we would like to tell you to see if you would be interested in become involved in our community. All flights are made through our Flights Center that way each person can pick whichever 42,000 airports in our database to start from. We do not require you to work up in the ranks to fly another aircraft. Everyone is open to flying any aircraft of their choice. All Flights are accepted and rejected automatically but if there is ever a problem you can always send us mail and we'll check it out witin 24 hours. We have teamspeak for members to join as well as discord (not used very much). We also use smartCARS as our tracking software for our VA if you arent the Virtual Airline type to fly from airport to airport we still have stuff for you. We have made a program so you can track your hours on FSX or Prepar3d and submits it back here to our site sounds easy, huh ? So are ya ready for some Back Country Flying or Round the World Trips ? Click on Pilot Register on The "Right" side of this page.

Posted by Vince Begin on 01/06/2019

WEF0089 Donald Jamieson - has filed a PIREP from KDAB to TNCC

WEF0425 Jorge Ramírez - has filed a PIREP from VVNB to VVTS

WEF0425 Jorge Ramírez - has filed a PIREP from WIII to WAJJ

WEF0425 Jorge Ramírez - has filed a PIREP from LMML to EGPH