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So what really sets us apart from the other virtual airlines, give us a few minutes and we'll tell you exactly why we are so unique!

WeFly Virtual Airlines has been in operation since October of 2015 we are a small group of Flight Simulation Enthusiast. Our airline is different from any other airline because, We offer all pilots to pick their own flight(s) to wherever they want to fly. How? We have integrated a Flights system in which allows all pilots to create their own routes. Whether you want to fly bush flights in the Rockies or passenger flights across the pacific it Doesn't Bother us at all. Each person is unique in their own way and have characteristics different from others and it should not be guarded by us. We do offer Communications with Teamspeak 3 and currently use JoinFS for multi-player connections. Sound Interesting ? Then Come Join us on a wild adventure and lets see where your enthusiasm takes you.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What Simulators can be used ?

Currently, You may use Microsoft Flight Sim X Boxed or Steam Edition, Prepar3D, or Xplane.

Are there certain riquirements for joining ?

No, we do not have any strict rules for joining except respecting all other players or clients.

Can i fly offline (non-multiplayer) ?

Yes, No user is required to fly online at any time multi-player is optional.

What aircraft are available ?

When creating a new flight you will be able to pick from our list of 95 aircraft we have added if you have a request to add an aircraft contact us by email at contact@weflyfsx-va.com

What communications software is used ?

We are currently using Teamspeak3 as our main communications client, However we do have Discord that isn't used on any regular basis.

Is there a requirement of how many flights flown within a month ?

No, However to keep your account active you must fly atleast 2 flights within a 45 day period to keep your account in good standings.

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